Bulk SMS

BULK Sms in Bhavnagar,Gujarat,India

UBM Infotech Web Solutions offers Bulk SMS Services, maintenance that helps client to best technical infrastructure for the benefit of organizational progress and effective implementation of strategic decision making. 

Bulk SMS service or bulk message means sending SMS to one or more recipients via software/API/web platforms such as Metronics Web provide platform to send online bulk SMS in India.

·         Generally, Bulk SMS are of two type transactional bulk SMS and promotional bulk SMS. Bulk SMS can be sent like an individual SMS to customers.

·         e.g. receiving an OTP, notification on transaction. If any online or offline businesses want to create, schedule and send SMS campaigns for marketing or notification then all those activities can be done from Metronics Web bulk SMS Panel.

·         UBM Infotech Web Bulk SMS Service is used by various national companies, school, college, organization, developers, NGOs & government agencies for promotion, communication, transactional alerts, notification, reminders, OTP and feedback. Signup now to start sending bulk SMS.

Free SMS for testing: UBM Infotech Web provide facility to test its bulk message service in free. After signup user can send Free SMS for testing. With Free SMS user can check our system working and delivery reports. Millions of Bulk SMS: Metronics Web system is designed to deliver millions of SMS at a time. Our system has multiple SMS routes in which we distribute SMS load so that delivery of SMS will be quick. Custom SMS: Customized SMS can be sent easily in Metronics Web. All you need to do is first prepare your data in excel sheet and save it in CSV format.